Dear colleagues,

We are very pleased to welcome you to Gothenburg for the EMC Europe 2022 conference.

Gothenburg is a beautiful city of high standards, offering both historical and modern conference venues, hotels, restaurants, infrastructure and places of interest. Gothenburg has proved to be an excellent conventions city with a centrally located, top modern convention centre designed to meet the requirements of the 21st century. Gothenburg has hosted many international meetings with great success and is also a comparably affordable place for large meetings. We are confident that Gothenburg and the venue, The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, will prove ideal for the conference.

Gothenburg is easily accessible from around Europe with more than 70 direct connections. The two international airports are only 20 minutes by shuttle bus from the city centre. Thanks to the compact city centre the main convention centre is within walking distance of hotels, restaurants, shops, museums and entertainment.

We are strongly convinced EMC Europe 2022 in Gothenburg will be a great success. Our city is a charming place meeting all necessary requirements for our conference, and our local team is prepared to do their best for your well-being.

You are all very welcome!