Technical Scope – Workshops and Tutorials

Workshops, tutorials and other special sessions will be organized to provide up-to-date practical help to those new to the subject or requiring an update, as well as to address in-depth topical subjects.

You are invited to submit workshops, tutorials contributions on all EMC-related aspects in the technical areas listed in the fol­lowing. The contribution shall be relevant to EMC, and shall be sent in PDF-format to

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Technical Areas

  • EM Environment, Lightning, Intentional EMI & EMP, High Power Electromagnetics, ESD
  • Transmission Lines, Cables, Crosstalk, Coupling
  • Shielding, Gasketing & Filtering, Grounding
  • Measurement & Instrumentation, Emission, and Immunity, Chambers & Cells, Antennas
  • Advanced Materials, Nanotechnology, NEMS & MEMS, Smart Sensors
  • Computational Electromagnetics, Model Validation
  • Semiconductors, PCB, Electronic Packaging & Integration, Power & Signal Integrity
  • Power Systems, Power Quality, Power, Electronics, Smart Grids
  • Wired & Wireless Communications, UWB, Power Line Communications, Spectrum Management
  • Automotive, Railway Systems, Naval Systems, Aircraft & Space Systems
  • Human exposure to EM fields, Biological, Effects, Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment
  • Standards and Regulations, EMC Management, EMC Education
  • EMC in Security and Safety Applications
  • EMC in Industrial Environments
  • EMC in Military Applications
  • Any other relevant topic