Exhibition Invitation

EMC Europe 2022

September 6-7, 2022. Gothenburg, Sweden

Meet the right people, show them the future – at EMC Europe 2022

We welcome you to participate as an exhibitor at EMC Europe 2022. EMC Europe 2022 is the recurrent natural me­eting place for people working with EMC – in­ternationally and nationally – and for those who place high demands on a conference and ex­hibition event. EMC Europe is organized every year in one prominent city in Europe. In 2022 it is time for Gothenburg again.

The conference will take place at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, in the centre of Gothenburg, September 5-8, 2022. The exhibition is for two days, September 6-7.

The exhibition in connection with the conferen­ce gives you as an exhibitor a unique platform for doing business and make important con­tacts. You meet the right people, at the right time and in the right context. Do you want to establish new customer rela­tionships and meet people who can affect the future of your business, then EMC Europe 2022 is the event to invest in.


The Exhibition

The personal meeting is unbeatable when it comes to getting your message across to a specific audience when the abundance of information makes it increa­singly more difficult to reach the target audience.

The conference EMC Europe 2022 will consist of four days oral and poster presentations, workshops, tuto­rials, special sessions and short courses. In parallel with the conference, during two days, 6-7 September, a technical exhibition of software, hardware, equipme­nt, materials, services and literature will be organised. This will be an excellent opportunity for your compa­ny to present your absolute latest development to a worldwide audience of researchers and engineers. Companies, institutions, research centres and univer­sities are all encouraged to visit the exhibition. Also, poster sessions will be arranged in the exhibition area in order to maximize the exposure of the exhibitors.

We welcome you to occupy a prominent place on the EMC Europe 2022’s exhibition, 6-7 September 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Why you should exhibit at EMC Europe 2022, and what we do to get you as much attention as possible. See the movie!