Gothenburg, Sweden

Welcome to a city where professionalism, quality and pleasure goes without saying. Gothenburg is truly a world class meeting and events city, easily accessible from around the world. Located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is a buzzing city well-experienced in hosting major international meetings. Meeting venues, hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment are all located within convenient walking distance. Scandinavia’s largest city centred, all-under-one-roof convention

centre is located here and world-renowned brands, cutting-edge industries and universities also call Gothenburg home. The city’s spectacular surroundings, closeness to the sea and the stunning archipelago guarantee a whole new meeting experience, far from the traditional big city meetings.

Gothenburg has a long and successful tradition of trade and industry. Ever since the city was founded in 1621, it has been charaterised by trade, shipping and international contacts. Already in 1731, the Swedish East India Company began trading with China and the East.

In the 19th century, the city became industrialised, largely thanks to the arrival of Scottish and English businessmen. Many of them donated fortunes which founded a hospital, library and university. A significant proportion of Sweden’s exports and imports pass through the Gothenburg port and cutting-edge industries and world-renowned brands, such as Volvo, SKF and Hasselblad have their origins and head offices here. Gothenburg today, is a city of industry and expertise, with two universities and many service companies. New city districts are also emerging with offices, university grounds and residential areas.

There are several major attractions within a stone’s throw of the Swedish Exhibition Centre:

Scandinavium arena
Liseberg amusement park
Universeum science discovery centre
Museum of World Culture
Ullevi stadium

First-class culture and science:

Gothenburg Museum of Art
Concert Hall
Gothenburg City Theatre
Gothenburg Opera
Botanical Gardens
Gothenburg City Museum
Museum of Natural History

What’s on in Gothenburg: